Intellectual Output 4: Practical Handbook for Dual Learning mobility

O4 completes the process started in O3, being the second step in the design of a cooperation scheme for transnational dual learning. Basing on methodological model designed in O3, Partners will work on practical aspects and implications of the transnational cooperation framework. The Handbook is a practical support for participants, in which the process of implementation of EuroDuaLe is defined step by step. In particular, basing on the previous analysis, Partners will define: organisations involved; learning activities; a regulatory framework that would allow HEIs to participate in dual learning programmes; a schedule for the evaluation of competences. The Practical Handbook aims to guide designers (HEIs, companies, associations, social parts, policy makers) of similar experiences through the real implementation of the model, but it will also contain a toolkit to help different stakeholders with management practices.