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Data: 2007
Allega file:: PDF document 2007_Bowen.pdf
Riferim: D. J. Bowen et al.,Possible socioeconomic and ethnic disparities in quality of life in a cohort of breast cancer survivors, Springer, Volume 106, pp 85 - 95

Data: 2007
Allega file:: PDF document 2007_Feuerstein_2.pdf
Riferim: M. Feuerstein et al.,Work Productivity in Brain Tumor Survivors, Journal of occupational and Environment Medical, Volume 49, No 7

Data: 2006
Allega file:: PDF document 2006_Bouknight.pdf
Riferim: .R. Bouknight, C.J. Bradley, L. Zhehui, Correlates of Return to Work for Breast Cancer Survivors, in Journal of Clinical Oncology

Data: 2006
Allega file:: PDF document 2006_Fiona_Kennedy.pdf
Riferim: F. Kennedy et al.,Returning to work following cancer: a qualitative exploratory study into the experience of returning to work following cancer, European Journal of Cancer Care

Data: 2006
Allega file:: PDF document 2006_Pryce.pdf
Riferim: Joanna Pryce et al.,Cancer survivorship and work: Symptoms, supervisor response, co-worker disclosure and work adjustment, Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation

Data: 2006
Allega file:: PDF document 2006_ Schernhammer.pdf
Riferim: Eva S. Schernhammer et al., Night Work and Risk of Breast Cancer, Epidemiology, Volume 17, No 1

Data: 2006
Allega file:: PDF document Taskila_2006.pdf
Riferim: T. Taskila et al.,Cancer survivors’ received and needed social support from their work place and the occupational health services,Support Care Cancer, Volume 14, pp.427–435

Data: 2005
Allega file:: PDF document 2005_Hoffman.pdf
Riferim: Barbara Hoffman, Survivors at Work: A Generation of Progress, American Cancer Society,Volume 55, No 5

Data: 2005
Allega file:: PDF document 2005_Drolet.pdf
Riferim: M. Drolet et al.,Work absence after breast cancer diagnosis: a population-based study,CMAJ

Data: 2005
Allega file:: PDF document 2005_Drolet_2.pdf
Riferim: M. Drolet et al.,Not Working 3 Years After Breast Cancer: Predictors in a Population-Based Study, Journal of clinical oncology, Volume 23, No 33