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Data: 2010
Allega file:: PDF document Occup Med (Lond)-2010-Varekamp-287-93.pdf
Riferim: I. Varekamp and F. J. H. van Dijk, Workplace problems and solutions for employees with chronic diseases, occupational Medicine, pp. 287-293

Data: 2015
Allega file:: PDF document 2015-Employee-Benefits.pdf
Riferim: Society for Human Resource Management, 2015 Employee Benefits An Overview of Employee Benefits Offerings in the U.S.

Data: 2010
Allega file:: PDF document Occupational Health Psychology.pdf
Riferim: S. Leka, J. Houdmont, Occupational Health psychology, Wiley-Blackwell

Data: 2015
Allega file:: PDF document rr901-health-and-wellbeing-at-work.pdf
Riferim: K. Steadman, M. Wood, H. Silvester, Health and wellbeing at work: a survey of employees 2014, Department for Work & Pensions, CSR

Data: 2015
Allega file:: PDF document absence-management_2015.pdf
Riferim: CIPD, Survey Absence Management

Data: 2015_2016
Allega file:: PDF document 363.pdf
Riferim: House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee, Welfare to work, Second Report of Session 2015-16

Data: 2015
Allega file:: PDF document 2015_33_silavggi.pdf
Riferim: F. Silvaggi, Partire dai luoghi di lavoro per una visione più moderna della salute, in Bollettino ADAPT

Data: 2015
Allega file:: PDF document interview_Cary-Cooper-eng.pdf
Riferim: Exploring the wellness at work: causes and benefits. Face to face with Professor Sir Cary Cooper by Fabiola Silvaggi

Data: 2011
Allega file:: PDF document 6-11 Promoting Well Being EPG- FINAL.pdf
Riferim: D. Chenoweth, Promoting Employee Well-being, SHRM Foundation

Data: 2015
Allega file:: PDF document Resources-Whitepapers-Health-and-Well-Being.pdf
Riferim: N. Hackbarth, A. Brown, H. Albrecht, Workplace Wellbeing, Quantum, Limeade