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Data: 2014
Allega file:: PDF document Hutting_2014.pdf
Riferim: N. Hutting et al.,Experiences of employees with arm, neck or shoulder complaints: a focus group study, BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, Volume 15

Data: 2010
Allega file:: PDF document wpc090236 datori e malattie muscoloscheletriche.pdf
Riferim: Sarah Clark, The Role of Employers in Return to Work of People with Musculoskeletal Pain Disorders, Healthcare Advisory Group

Data: 2007
Allega file:: PDF document 2007_Mariconda.pdf
Riferim: M. Mariconda et al.,Relationship between alterations of the lumbar spine, visualized with magnetic resonance imaging, and occupational variables, Eur Spine Journal, Volume16, pp. 255 -266

Data: 2003
Allega file:: PDF document Detaille_2006.pdf
Riferim: S.I. Detaille et al.,What employees with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus and hearing loss need to cope at work, Scand J Work Environ Health, Volume 29, No 2, pp 134 -142

Data: 1984
Allega file:: PDF document 2014_ Anderson.pdf
Riferim: J. A.D. Anderson,Arthrosis and its relation to work, Scand Journal Work Health, Volume10, pp. 429 -433

Data: 1971
Allega file:: PDF document 1971_Anderson.pdf
Riferim: A.D.ANDERSON, Rheumatism in industry:a review, British Journal Medical, Volume 28, pp. 103 - 121

Data: 1968
Allega file:: PDF document 1968_patridge.pdf
Riferim: R. E. H. Partridge et al., RHEUMATIC COMPLAINTS AMONG WORKERS IN IRON FOUNDRIES, Ann.Rheum. Dis., Volume 27, No 441

Data: 2014
Allega file:: PDF document Sargeant, musculoskeletal disorders.pdf
Riferim: M. Sargeant, M. Giovannone and N. D'Erario, "Musculoskeletal Disorders: Cross-cutting and Critical Issues concerning the Causal Link. A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation in the Retail and Distribution Sector", E- Journal of International and Comparative Labour Studies, n.1, 2014

Data: 2010
Allega file:: PDF document 03_takala.pdf
Riferim: E. P Takala, I. Pehkonen et al, "Systematic evaluation of observational methods assesing biomechanical exposures at work", Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health, vol. 36, n.1

Data: 2014
Allega file:: PDF document REPORT - Self-management of chronic musculoskeletal disorders 09 2014.pdf
Riferim: K. Summers, Z. Bajorek, S. Bevan, "Self-management of chronic musculoskeletal disorders and employment", The Work Foundation