Francesco Nespoli - Ricercatore Università di Roma LUMSA - ADAPT Senior Fellow

Francesco Nespoli

He currently is a Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Research project: “The Rhetoric of labour: Political Communication and Trade Union Communication in Labour Market Reforms and Industrial Relations”).

His research focuses on rhetoric and communication issues in labour market reforms and industrial relations.

He has developed a new framework for analysing political communication combining argumentation theory (new rhetoric) and frame theory. He investigated political communication during the drafting of Italy’s Jobs Act and he is now looking at the rhetorical coordinates of both the labour market and labour relations as framed by populists’ political communication.

He is a regular contributor to and he has also written columns on the online version of some national newspapers, such as Avvenire, Linkiesta and Formiche.

He also works as a social media editor for ADAPT’s digital publications and as a data analyst for the Italian start-up Catchy Big Data.

In 2018, he received a Doctoral Degree in Human Capital Formation and Labour Market Relations from the University of Bergamo and ADAPT - Association for International and Comparative Studies in Labour and Industrial relations.

In the same year, he published his first book in Italian: “Fondata sul Lavoro, la comunicazione politica e sindacale del lavoro che cambia” edited by ADAPT University Press.


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twitter: @FranzNespoli

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