M. Tiraboschi, Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Recessionary Times, ADAPT Labour Studies e-Book series, n. 39

ISBN 978-88-98652-41-9

Autore Michele Tiraboschi
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ADAPT University Press
ADAPT Labour Studies e-book series
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© 2015 ADAPT University Press
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The volume includes a number of papers written in English and published in the last fifteen years in which the Italian labour market faced many changes. The intent here is not only to provide the international readership with a frame of reference – in both conceptual and legal terms – that helps to appreciate the Italian Labour Law currently in force. The real goal of this volume is to contribute to move beyond the self-referential nature of the Italian debate on the reform of labour laws. This would supply the reform process of the Italian labour market with an international and comparative dimension which – in accordance with the programmatic approach of Marco Biagi – should also feed the debate at a national level.

Parole chiave
Industrial relations - Italian labour market - labour law - social dialogue - deregulation - bilateralism - employees’ participation - financial participation - natural disasters - environmental disasters - welfare - chronic diseases - youth guarantee
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