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Data: 2007
Allega file:: PDF document Work-related stress.pdf
Riferim: Eurofound, "Work-related stress"

Data: 2006
Allega file:: PDF document Suhrcke_2006.pdf
Riferim: M. Suhrcke, R.A. Nugent, D. Stuckler, L. Rocco, "Chronic disease: an economic perspective", The Oxford Health Alliance

Data: 2005
Allega file:: PDF document code_good_practice_it decisione parlamento 2005.pdf
Riferim: Parlamento Europeo, Codice di buone prassi per l'occupazione delle persone con disabilità. Decisione dell'ufficio di presidenza

Data: 2004
Allega file:: PDF document 2004_eurofound_back to work strategies.pdf
Riferim: R. Wynne et al., Employment and disability: Back to work strategies,Eurofound

Data: 2004
Allega file:: PDF document ef0499it.pdf
Riferim: Impiego e disabilità: strategie per il ritorno al lavoro - Fondazione europea per il miglioramento delle condizioni di vita e di lavoro

Data: 2003
Allega file:: PDF document ilo 2003 statistics on employment situation disable.pdf
Riferim: ILO,"Statistics on the employment situation of people with disabilities: A Compendium of national methodologies"

Data: 2002
Allega file:: PDF document 2wirbooklet.pdf
Riferim: International Social Security Association Research Programme,Who returns to work and why? Evidence and policy implications from a new disability and work reintegration study

Data: 2000
Allega file:: PDF document benchmarching employment disability-en 2000.pdf
Riferim: European Commission, "Benchmarking employment policies for people with disabilities"

Data: 1991
Allega file:: PDF document 1991_Ilmarinen_a_17_suppl1_135-3.pdf
Riferim: J. Ilmarinen, K. Tuomi, et al., Summary and recommendations of a project involving cross-sectional and follow-up studies on the aging worker in Finnish municipal occupations (1981-1985), Scand J. Work Environ. Health, Vol17, pp 135-141