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Data: 2013
Allega file:: PDF document 2013_ Stillwater.pdf
Riferim: B. Stillwater, C. Farr, Clinical ourcomes associated with self-management classes among patients of an Urban Community Health Center, Alaska Section of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Chronicles, Volume 5

Data: 2014
Allega file:: PDF document issueopen.cfm.pdf
Riferim: P. Braveman, L. Gottlieb,The Social Determinants of Health: It’s Time to Consider the Causes of the Causes,Public Health Reports, Volume 129

Data: 2012
Allega file:: PDF document 2012_Chapman.pdf
Riferim: L.S. Chapman, Meta-evaluation of worksite Health Promotion Economic Return Studies:2012 Update, The Art of Health Promotion

Data: 2013
Allega file:: PDF document Norton_2013.pdf
Riferim: S. Nolte, R. H. Osborne,A systematic review of outcomes of chronic disease self-management interventions,Qual Life Res, Volume 22, pp. 1805 –1816 2013

Data: 2012
Allega file:: PDF document Eur J Public Health-2012-Koolhaas-424-9.pdf
Riferim: W. Koolhaas et al.,Towards a sustainable healthy working life: associations between chronological age, functional age and work outcomes,European Journal of Public Health, Volume 27, pp.735 -742

Data: 2012
Allega file:: PDF document Lynda Macdonald PDF.pdf
Riferim: Lynda Macdonald,Sickness absence management

Data: 2008
Allega file:: PDF document 2008_Waddell.pdf
Riferim: G. Waddell et al., Vocational Rehanilitation what works, for whom, and when?, TSO

Data: 2011
Allega file:: PDF document 11811carminati_06_04_.pdf
Riferim: E. Carminati, Lotta agli assenteisti e maggiori tutele per i malati gravi, in Bollettino Speciale ADAPT

Data: 2007
Allega file:: PDF document 2007_ Braathen.pdf
Riferim: T. N. Braathen et al., "Improved work ability and return to work following vocational multidisciplinary rehabilitation of subjects on long-term sick leave", Journal Rehabilitation Medical, vol.39

Data: 2006
Allega file:: PDF document Occup Med (Lond)-2006-Haafkens-39-45.pdf
Riferim: J. Haafkens et al.,Searching bibliographic databases for literature on chronic disease and work participation, Occupational Medicine, Volume 56, pp.39 -45