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Data: 2013
Allega file:: PDF document Sick-leave decisions for patients with severe subjective health complaints.pdf
Riferim: S. Maeland, E. Werner et al., "Sick-leave decisions for patients with severe subjective health complaints presenting in primary care: A cross-sectional study in Norway, Sweden and Denmark", Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, n. 31

Data: 2015
Allega file:: PDF document 2015_10_silvaggi_viale.pdf
Riferim: Silvaggi, F., Viale, G.,Il ruolo dell’assistenza privata: costi e sostenibilità delle cure per i malati cronici, Bollettino ADAPT, 12 marzo 2015

Data: 2003
Allega file:: PDF document Barnes2003.pdf
Riferim: C. Barnes, "Work is a four letter word? Disability, Work and Welfare", GLADNET Collection, Cornell University ILR School

Data: 2012
Allega file:: PDF document Barnes2012.pdf
Riferim: C. Barnes, "Re-thinking Disability, Work and Welfare"

Data: 2015
Allega file:: PDF document wage subsidies for disabled workers.pdf
Riferim: N. Datta Gupta, M. Larsen, L. Stage Thomsen, "Do wage subsidies for disabled workers reduce their non-employment? - evidence from the Danish Flexjob scheme", IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 4:10

Data: 2008
Allega file:: PDF document partial sick leave.pdf
Riferim: J. Kausto, H. Miranda et al, "Partial sick leave- review of its use, effects and feasibility in the Nordic countries", Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health, vol. 34, n. 4

Data: 2000
Allega file:: PDF document 659.pdf
Riferim: Lena Jacobson,The family as producer of health — an extended grossman model,Journal of Health Economics,Vol. 19, pp. 611–637

Data: 1972
Allega file:: PDF document c3484.pdf
Riferim: Michael Grossman,The Demand for Health: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation,NBER

Data: 2014
Allega file:: PDF document 45lara.pdf
Riferim: N. Magnavita, G. De Lorenzo, et al., Alcol e Lavoro – Documento di consenso del gruppo La.R.A., Medicina del Lavoro, Vol 105, Supp. 1, pp.3-68