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Data: 2011
Allega file:: PDF document 2011_VFS_age_productivity_line-2.pdf
Riferim: Weiss, Borsch-Supan, Productivity and age: Evidence from teams at assembly live,

Data: 2010
Allega file:: PDF document media_180537_en.pdf
Riferim: CIPD,Manager support for return to work following long-term sickness absence: guidance,Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Data: 2010
Allega file:: PDF document giovani disabili esclusione discriminazione.pdf
Riferim: Eurofound, "Active inclusion of young people with disabilities or health problems", Background paper

Data: 2010
Allega file:: PDF document manuale antidiscriminazione europea.pdf
Riferim: European Union Agency for fundamental rights, "Handbook on European non-discrimination law"

Data: 2009
Allega file:: PDF document NICE_2009_II.pdf
Riferim: NICE public health guidance, Managing long-term sickness and incapacity for work,National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

Data: 2009
Allega file:: PDF document CIPD_2009.pdf
Riferim: CIPD,Managing long-term sickness absence and incapacity for work Guide to resources Implementing NICE guidance,National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

Data: 2009
Allega file:: PDF document Review_Findings_CDSMP_Outcomes1 8 08.pdf
Riferim: C. Gordon, T. Galloway, Review of findings on chronic disease self-management program (CDSMP) outcomes: Physical, emotional & health-related quality of life, healthcare utilization and costs, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Council

Data: 2009
Allega file:: PDF document Libretto_LeParoleDelLavoro.pdf
Riferim: Federazione italiana per il superamento dell'handicap (FISH), "Le parole del lavoro, Report conclusivo azioni di studio e ricerca sul tema del diritto al lavoro delle persone con disabilità". Progetto "Le parole dei diritti. Le Associazioni si confrontano con il linguaggio della Convenzione Onu sui Diritti delle persone con disabilità"

Data: 2009
Allega file:: PDF document INDICATORS DISABILITIES US.pdf
Riferim: Centre for European Social and Economic Policy, "Indicator of disability equality in Europe". An evaluative report on the feasibility of using existing data sources

Data: 2008
Allega file:: PDF document Realising_the_Value disability work 2008.pdf
Riferim: European Community, "Realising the value. New thinking and methods on employing disabled people"