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Data: 2013
Allega file:: PDF document annualreport2013.pdf
Riferim: Ministry of labour,Occupational Health & Safety in Ontario, Annual Report

Data: 2011
Allega file:: PDF document 2011-Nitkin.pdf
Riferim: P. Nitkin et al., Cancer and Work: A Canadian Perspective,Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology

Data: 2012
Allega file:: PDF document rtw_environmental_scan.pdf
Riferim: Programs and Resources to Facilitate Return to Work for People with Cancer or Other Chronic Diseases, Canadian Partnership against cancer 2012

Data: 2010
Allega file:: PDF document Vick_Barriers to Employment Among Women With Complex Episodic Disabilities_2010.pdf
Riferim: A. Vick, E. Lightman,Barriers to Employment Among Women With Complex Episodic Disabilities,ournal of Disability Policy Studies, Volume 21, pp 70 -80

Data: 2014
Allega file:: PDF document 11f0019m2014362-eng.pdf
Riferim: S. Jeon, "The Effects of Cancer on Employment and Earnings of Cancer Survivors",Analytical Studies Branch Research Paper Series