Intellectual Output 1: Labour demand analysis and Roadmapping of youth mobility in Europe

The Intellectual Output 1 aims to investigate the current situation of job-related youth mobility in Europe, to understand migration flows of young-adults which are related to employment opportunities. A special focus is on migrations from Southern Europe, due to the higher unemployment rates of those countries and the "brain-drain" phenomenon. This analysis comprises research on regulatory frameworks in which activities of mobility, work-based learning, apprenticeship, formal learning happen and, lastly,. will serve to understand needs, barriers, support demand by young Europeans. The main final outcome will be a Roadmap of possible intervention, in order to support mobility experience of youngsters and reduce the emotional and social costs of mobility: it will include indications on how migration flows should be canalized, how demand and offer could be matched beyond national borders and which support services should be implemented to accompany youth during mobility.